Have you ever felt completely defeated by the idea of EATING HEALTHY or WORKING OUT? Well, I'm here to make it easier with some helpful hints and tid-bits I've learned thus far in my weight loss journey. I'm not the health food guru and I'm by no means a professional but I can share what has worked for me. I'll be sharing, real tips from a real person. I love GOOD FOOD and I'm still eating REALLY GOOD food everyday!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2… Even Tougher

Well Day 2 was even more difficult. My headaches stuck around and I continued the hunger pains. From what I read online, the 2nd day was to be easier but it certainly wasn't that way for me, or my husband. In fact Tony actually cheated at lunch with a "Joey combo" from Moe's and I ate 2 breadsticks from a pizza lunch run to Pizza Hut. We had softball last night which made us even hungrier after the game. So, we then made a trip to Whole Foods for the dinner bar. It was so great. I've never enjoyed a meal as I enjoyed that one.

I still drank my breakfast and lunch meal…

Breakfast Juice:

2 cups sliced cantaloupe
2 cups sliced honeydew
3 apples
½ lemon
1 cup h2O to cut the sweetness

Lunch Juice:

1 sweet potato
8 large carrots
½ container of coconut water (probably about ¾ cup)
*turned out a bit chalky so I added the coconut water to cut the chalk. Worked a bit but still needed something else. I'd try peeling the potato next time.

So our outlook has changed and the cleanse is over but we learned how to read our bodies, that's for sure! I knew I couldn't do another day of this. It was probably the HARDEST challenge I've ever given to myself. And the juicing will continue with a bit of a different layout… I will be drinking a juice every morning and then either every 2 or 4 weeks I'll complete a full day cleanse. As one day seemed to clean us both out!

If you plan to do a cleanse like this, please, please, do your research and speak to your doctor before beginning your cycle. It is hard and you really MUST make sure to take in proper caloric totals.

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