Have you ever felt completely defeated by the idea of EATING HEALTHY or WORKING OUT? Well, I'm here to make it easier with some helpful hints and tid-bits I've learned thus far in my weight loss journey. I'm not the health food guru and I'm by no means a professional but I can share what has worked for me. I'll be sharing, real tips from a real person. I love GOOD FOOD and I'm still eating REALLY GOOD food everyday!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Day 1…Juice Cleanse

Well today is the day… an entire day of only fruit and vegetable juices and some RAW fruits & veggies too accompanied by h2O. This is the first of an eight day cleanse my husband, Tony and I are doing. We're both very excited to begin a healthier & cleaner food life! With all of the working out and general fitness we've been involved in for the past year, I'm surprised this hasn't happened until now. But the day has come and we are sticking to the PLAN… NO CHEATING!

From what I've read you should only do these cleanses for 10 days max but in some cases where you are a healthy person {meaning physically fit, no medications, no smoking, and minimal alcohol use} your body can go for 15 days. Well, maybe we'll try this next time! But for now 8 days is good for me!

So onto what happened during DAY 1… I currently have a HUGE headache and a growling belly. Per what I've read I'm currently experiencing withdraws from caffeine & meat & processed mess I've eaten for so long.

And the preparation begins... Our fridge on 7/17 before the challenge...

For breakfast I had a fruit juice which included:
Grapefruit (which I later found out, DON'T use while detoxing)

For Lunch & afternoon snack I had a fruit & veggie juice which included:

Dinner consisted of:

Broccoli 2 cups
Berry mix

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