Have you ever felt completely defeated by the idea of EATING HEALTHY or WORKING OUT? Well, I'm here to make it easier with some helpful hints and tid-bits I've learned thus far in my weight loss journey. I'm not the health food guru and I'm by no means a professional but I can share what has worked for me. I'll be sharing, real tips from a real person. I love GOOD FOOD and I'm still eating REALLY GOOD food everyday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A new and healthier beginning…

I have started this blog as an extension of the conversations which have been so frequent and special to me with the people I enjoy the most. Family, friends, and co-workers; I first want to thank you for all of the support you have given me in the past weeks through my weight loss journey. Thank you for listening to either my complaining of pain or my talks concerning what my experience had been each and every day… P90X was hard and INSANITY has shown to be even harder, in fact pretty insane, but your support has kept me extremely positive.  I’m sticking with it because of you… and because of you I know I can stick with it. A huge shout-out to my husband, Tony, you’ve been my strength through this journey and have challenged me more than I thought I could be. And I’m so proud of your changes and acceptance of new and interesting flavors.
So because of this, I want to share some tid-bits I’ve learned thus far and new tips I’ll continue to learn through my life’s journey. This is meant to be a compilation of ideas and thoughts. As you all know, I’m not in the health food guru and I’m by no means a professional but I can share what has worked for me. Real tips from a real person. I want to help each of you become healthier humans so you can be there for your spouse/significant other, kids, parents, etc. My opinion is not about removing all the BAD THINGS and depriving yourself of the yummy stuff. I eat what I want and crave but I watch the portions I eat of the BAD things. If I want cake… I eat it!
I have always failed with doing the FADE DIET thing and let’s face it IT’S NOT HEALTHY… How could it be? It’s a quick fix and you normally add the weight on plus more when doing these. Healthy eating is a LIFESTYLE change. I don’t want to hear excuses… JUST DO IT! Now I know it’s hard but don’t get hung up on the concept of it all. It doesn’t have to be hard we just make it that way but I have some easy meals I will be sharing!
And let’s also face it… YOU HAVE TO WORKOUT. A change in diet will make all the difference with your workout regimen. You work hard and you will get results… I know, I have.
Stay tuned and stay Healthy!

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